Complimentary use Sani-Stands along with automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are currently being provided for the following organizations located within the South Florida area:

  1. Nursing Homes
  2. Adult Congregate Living Facilities (ACLFs)
  3. Hospitals
  4. Hospice Care Facilities
  5. Senior Living Communities
  6. Extended Care Facilities

*Due to the high risk of family members infecting the elderly, we are extending this program to include all schools, Public and Private in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

Sanitizer Stanchions

The Sani-Stand is a state of the art, lightweight stanchion with an automatic touch-free hand sanitizer sitting conveniently on top.

The touch-free dispenser holds 700ml (700 squirts) of sanitizing gel. Refilling is easy: just remove the top and pour in our gel. Dispenser conveniently comes right off the stand with the push of a button making for easy storage and transportation.

The Stanchion may also be used to provide social distancing. It is designed to assemble and disassemble within 5 seconds and requires no tools with the easy twist-and-lock assembly.

This state of the art lightweight stanchion features a 6.5-foot retractable belt that includes a locking mechanism and safety braking system. The belt end is compatible with most major stanchion brands allowing you to connect to the posts you already have. The stanchion features a weighted base and six non-skid, non-marking rubber feet to keep the stanchion safely in place.

Hand Sanitizer Stanchion
Sanitizer Stanchions

Each Sani-Stand system will be provided on loan, installed, and delivered for a nominal service fee. (A minimum purchase of 3 gallons of sanitizer required). Refills available for purchase on request. The purchase price per gallon is only $35. The minimum purchase comes to $105. per Sani Station (3 Gallons).

To ensure the safety of you and your patrons, S.A.S. has gone to great lengths to align ourselves with a legitimate hand-sanitizer manufacturer that is not only FDA compliant but has worked with us to provide the right consistency for the automatic dispenser as well.

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